Thriller Nights - Summon A Show Stopping Halloween Party

Halloween parties are the perfect opportunity to indulge and go all out with a theme. Even the most reluctant fancy-dressers struggle to find an excuse to ghost a ghoulish get together…

Spooky interiors of cobwebbed candelabra and dramatic uplighting are the bare minimum. So how can you really up the drama and guarantee a frightfully entertaining evening?

Set a spooky scene with our Halloween Party ideas

Set a spooky scene with our Halloween Party ideas

A pop covers band will most likely get on board with your party theme and offer a setlist to match. With partygoers’ inhibitions already left at home with their usual dress sense, guests are much more likely to fill the dance floor and let loose early on.

If you’re looking to recreate a truly eerie setting in a historic house, why not turn back time with a classical strings ensemble, a pianist or a harpist perhaps? Candlelight and classical accompaniment sets the scene for a Murder Mystery Event, a Haunted House Tour or a Spooky Soiree. 

How are you planning to celebrate the occasion?