Questions To Ask Before Booking A Band

If you’re booking live entertainment, there are certain pitfalls to avoid. Luckily, we’re offering some helpful pointers here to help you dodge those potholes:

  • Check the arrival time of the musicians. Acts need time to set up their instruments and equipment and get changed. Discuss this in advance to ensure they have access to the venue with plenty of time. This is particularly important when bands need to soundcheck ahead of any guests arriving.

  • Discuss the space in which the musicians are performing. The size of the space informs whether some acts will need extra equipment for amplification or whether they can perform acoustically. Make sure too that there is enough space in the performance area. For outdoor gigs, a covered area is usually a requirement, so check this with your venue and discuss with the musicians.

Pari performs beautiful acoustic sets suitable for a range of venues and occasions

Pari performs beautiful acoustic sets suitable for a range of venues and occasions

  • Agree with the venue a safe space for musicians to store belongings and get changed. Establish a ‘backstage’ area, a separate room away from the main event where belongings can be left securely and the artists can prepare comfortably.

  • Check who your main contact will be on the day for the band and provide details for the main contact on site also. Good communication systems keep things running smoothly, even in the event of emergencies!

  • Discuss your ideas and setlist well ahead of the occasion. The band can cater to your tastes and devise an evening that perfectly matches your expectations when you communicate in advance.

Clear communication and planning well ahead of the event let’s you relax and enjoy the occasion when it comes around - a most important detail! If you’d love some support planning your entertainment, get in touch.