Making An Entrance

Wrestlers have their own theme song. Brides choose their Entrance Music. Anyone introduced on a chat show waves their way to the sofa with musical accompaniment.

Making an entrance is never - and should never - be a silent affair!!

Perhaps you’re hosting an industry awards ceremony - each time a speaker or award winner makes their way to the stage, you’ll need something to fill the air. Live musicians or a carefully chosen track can replace the sound of polite applause as somebody click clacks to the microphone, before another few quiet moments adjusting it. 


Music sets the mood and gives the right energy to an occasion, which works in favour of the speakers too. It helps with overall ‘direction’ for your guests. Without explicitly telling people it’s time to get up and dance, the music signals that the room is invited to party!


When executed well, the flow of an event can be conducted by the soundtrack. Even the Oscars use music to keep the evening moving - cue the sweeping strings play-off when a speech should be wrapping up…

Where could you enhance your event with a carefully crafted soundtrack? If this suggestion leaves you stumped - get in touch, we’re happy to help! Production and direction is where we excel, and it’s not exclusive to the theatre!