Why we’re not surprised by Beyonce…

8 months of rehearsal for a 2 hour show. It sounds like a disproportionate level of preparation. But we’re not surprised by Beyonce’s approach to her Coachella show as revealed in her recent Netflix documentary.

At UK Music Management we know that slick entertainment is no accident…

Any seemingly effortless performance is preceded by hundreds of hours of practice and rehearsal. Professional musicians hone their skills daily - even top players haven’t reached a ‘finish line’ when it comes to bettering their ability, it’s a constant pursuit of excellence.


Time in music rehearsals is typically spent on fine tuning, getting songs to sound their best and working on a setlist that flows seamlessly from song to song. The hard graft in rehearsals cements the basis of a performance. It creates the freedom to express and enjoy playing the music on the night.

Our roster of artists is made up of London’s top performers who are nothing less than incredibly talented! We take pride in guaranteeing a performance from the best of the best, rehearsed to the highest standard.