Beautiful Acoustic

Acoustic covers will never get old. Thoughtful re-imagining of a familiar melody allows for a completely different listening experience. It’s no surprise that some acoustic versions become a standalone hit in their own right. Entire online playlists are made up of acoustic renditions, and earnest covers from people’s bedrooms will forever take popular prominence on YouTube!

Listeners love to be delighted and surprised… that’s why heavily ‘produced’ songs do so well as an acoustic rearrangement. Similarly, songs that aren’t typically a spacious ballad - an uptempo or rock song for instance - take on an entirely new identity when you turn the focus solely to the melody. 

Playing with different rhythms in the song is another way to transform it as a cover - removing it from its original imagining and keeping it interesting for the listener. 

Pari performs beautiful vocals and acoustic accompaniment

Pari performs beautiful vocals and acoustic accompaniment

Acoustic accompaniment works beautifully when you don’t want intrusive entertainment at an event, but something to create a relaxed and uplifting mood. Take a look at our talented solo musicians who specialise in creating the perfect setting with covers.