4 Wedding Music Moments To Plan For

Your big day will no doubt be subject to meticulous planning to avoid any oversights. So here’s our easy guide to the music planning to ensure you don’t miss any crucial moments!

  • Entrance of the bride / groom

Music traditionally accompanies the entrance of the bride or groom. Brief the musicians or the person responsible for starting the music so they know at which point you plan to enter - it might be the very start of the music or a particular highlight within the piece. Plan when the music will finish too.

  • Signing of the register

Whilst you attend to the all important legal part, this is usually an interlude for music or entertainment of your choice for your guests. This usually takes only 3 minutes, one piece is enough, but of course you can choose to have a longer music performance.

Plan you wedding music moments for your special day

Plan you wedding music moments for your special day

  • Exit music

This is the triumphant moment you leave as newly weds! We advise you choose something joyful and uplifting with a celebratory feel! Communication with the musicians on their start cue is important so that the moment is punctuated in the best possible way.

  • First dance

All eyes are on you. Decide if you’d love for your chosen song to be performed live and keep the musicians briefed on the timing for this. Plan with the band how they will move into the next set of music or arrange with the DJ if they are to take over smoothly as guests join you afterwards on the dance floor.

Happy planning - the hardest part is whittling down the music choices to pick the special songs for these moments! If you’d love some ideas, get in touch!